How to catch rhythm when playing the harmonica

How to catch rhythm when playing the harmonica

We usually say, "The rhythm of this piece of music is wrong" or "The rhythm of this piece of music is wrong", sometimes it makes sense. But upon closer inspection, they are different.

How to catch rhythm when playing the harmonica
What is a beat? What is rhythm?

Beat is discipline of melody that governs development of melody. Rhythm is embodiment of rhythm, mood and style of melody. Rhythm is based on rhythm, and also depends on speed of music, change in strength, shape of melody, musical style, etc. (for example, Latin rhythm, rumba rhythm, etc.). If rhythm is dead, rhythm is alive. Rhythm and human feeling are usually more closely related, which is often referred to as "sense of rhythm".

Give a simple example to illustrate difference.

1, 4/4 80/min | 1 2 3 5 | 5 3 5 3 1 - |

2, 4/4 80/minute | 1111 2222 3333 5555 | 5533 5533 1111 10 | (blue - 16th note)

These two melodies have same rhythm, same speed and same pitch, but differ in length. Is there a difference in rhythm and sense of rhythm they convey to audience? 1 is soothing and soothing, while 2 is a little agitated and nervous. Combining 1 and 2 into a melody can express a change in musical mood.

The rhythm is regular, if this rule is violated, audience will feel uncomfortable, because pace of team should not be chaotic during process. When listening to modern music, one often hears that some musical instrument will stand out and show a section. At this time, this is often an impromptu performance, but this improvisation is also under beat regulation, otherwise other musical instruments cannot cooperate. .

How to catch rhythm when playing the harmonica
How to practice beat and rhythm?

For beginners to play harmonica, first thing to master is rhythm. I think that everyone should listen to songs at regular times and you can find feeling in songs too. There is also a metronome, which is just an artifact. By practicing basic skills, you will find that metronome really helps to master rhythm~~~ The music you play has a stable rhythm, and audience will appreciate your performance with your rhythm. If you get confused, audience won't want to keep listening. You can sit in front of a computer and rehearse rhythm with a metronome, or you can sing a marching song with measured steps on your way to and from work, and let rhythm of song match your steps. You can also tap your hands or feet to beat while listening to your favorite songs.

Rhythm practice is more difficult than rhythm practice because it is influenced by many factors and is often full of changes throughout a piece, especially some types of modern pop rhythm, I often get lost. Just leave it to us to discuss later.

How to catch rhythm when playing the harmonica

As a general rule, beginners should start practicing with simplest etudes and rhythm types in order to lay a good foundation for playing complex music or collaborating with others in future.

Rhythm is a habit that needs to be developed when teaching music so that, regardless of technique, melody you create can, at least to some extent, make the listeners more comfortable.