Violinist Yao Jue dissuades utilitarian parents: your child's life is too long, you just want to...

"When I was little, my father told me that I wanted to become a successful musician. If I succeed, I will do more for society." China's leading violinist Yao Jue realizes that her father's expectations are higher than expected. which is why she was obsessed with education and wants to use music to influence world. However, Yao Jue does not respond to those who come here to study art, because he attaches great importance to starting point of art students.

"If you're only studying music to go to college, don't do it. I think it's a waste of time."

Every Sunday house is always full of friends and guests, but for Yao Jue as a child, it was a nightmare. Yao Jue cannot forget his father's order: "Come! Play violin for uncles!" The little man always burst into tears because of his inexperienced fear. Looking back at today, Yao Jue can only feel gratitude

I eventually got used to listening to my uncle. After that I was very happy. I was not afraid to go on stage. It worked.

Strict father insists on achieving extraordinary violin skills

Yao Jue didn't shy away from talking about string-cutting when she was young because she didn't want to take up piano, but she was taught by a strict teacher, and she finally achieved something thanks to special training of her strict father. Yao Jue realized a set of parenting skills from her own experience.

"The most important thing for parents is to cultivate (children's) habits. To learn any art, you need perseverance. Perseverance is trained. Many parents believe that if teacher comes, they have nothing to worry about, and it will be troublesome."

However, Yao Jue stressed that regulation of children is definitely not permanent. “Before (the child) is 7 years old, I will be very tough. Every time I go home I ask, "Did you play piano?" Did you work out? Okay, let's go. I will practice for 15 minutes, if you stick to it for a while, he will be sad if he does not practice piano later.” If child stubbornly resists, Yao Jue suggested, “I think first thing to do is to see if he doesn’t like (playing piano) or because of him. I have already practiced a lot, and secondly, let him watch and listen to (music) more, if it clears his eyes, I think there is hope, and then I can correct course.”

The best starting point for kids aged 3.5 is not to get too carried away with valley

Therefore, Yao Jue believes that 3.5 years old is best starting point for children to learn music, and let children develop habit of playing piano as early as possible. Over years, Yao Jue has said with a smile that he can tell who is talented among students. Once you meet a talented student, "don't pressure him." Yao Jue shook his head, "He doesn't have that level." "It can be made so fast, but it's verydifficult. Hong Kong just pushes and pushes him. When he is nervous, he cannot relax. If he can't relax, he won't get far. However, talent is not everything,

"No matter how talented you are, if you don't play piano, you can't show it."

Born in a musical family, but her daughter did not follow musical path

Yao Jue has two daughters from a family of musicians. They play piano equally well, but never became musicians. Yao Jue respected his daughter's decision: "I don't think everyone will succeed as a musician. Music can bring a lot of color into your life."

"Recognize learning goals, art brings joy"

Yao Jue said that 17-year-old girl decided to become a writer and hopes to touch more children with her words. When she faces pressure, she will play piano. I'm happy, I think that's enough. Regarding her eldest daughter, who studies international relations, Yao Jue said, “Actually, my eldest daughter also composes, but she does not use violin to compose, but uses cultural background of different societies to compose world. connected."

Yao Jue finally emphasized that as a parent, most important thing is to make children understand purpose of studying art. She explained that purpose of studying art is to enjoy it and promote creativity (creativity). return to society.

Yao remarked helplessly that some parents ask their children to study music just to get into university,

"If goal is only to reach level 8, give up (pass) if you pass exam, but the child's life is too long, and you only need a short term, so don't study. I think it's just a waste of time."< /p>