Wind music does not know pain of vibrato, string music does not know ignorance of lack of oxygen.

There are many friends who are learning to play musical instruments

Asked about their learning experiences

You can write a story with blood and tears in minutes!

Although "one world, one pain"

But weave looks like a mountain

I saw offer

"Wind music does not know pain of string vibratos, and string music does not know ignorance of hypoxia"

One minute on stage and audience will collapse

The bitter history of musical instruments can be described as endless!

Piano: I'm bruised with love for you

Everyone dreams of playing piano beautifully on stage, right?

Whether ensemble or solo

The piano is brightest star on stage!

But scenery on stage is endless

It's all in exchange for these prices!

The finger is stuck in seams of keys

Scratch key until it bleeds

Cracked fingers

Toe touches piano foot

It's a piercing, heartbreaking pain!

It is inevitable that fingers will be slightly damaged. It's considered an occupational disease, but can it be a little weird when your toes touch legs of a piano? !

Think about it guys, when you were learning piano, piano room was so big, and meeting piano when you turned around and walked in door was normal; renting a house is also something else that cannot put down, put up piano, and open piano bench Just leaning against bed, friends, understand this feeling!

When I ask them if they regret it?

Everyone said that of course they don't regret it!

It's truly a blessing not to take a tool with you when you go out!

Violin: If you say it's broken, it's unambiguous

I dive into ocean of music at a concert

Come to climax of music

A melodic violin will seem noble and elegant

When it feels best, string will break!

It will always be thinnest thread that will break, It hurts in my face!

It's noble and elegant!

It's back in violin concerto

The music reaches its peak again

The musician demonstrates his skills again

I only saw a slippery hand

The violin fell... fell... fell...

Look for team's psychological shadow!

Oboe: never give up until you're dead

"What was your most painful experience?"

"Does that count if you almost died on stage?"

Many times

Go to concert with joy

First few minutes

The oboe player has a red face

Spawned right in front of orchestra

Do you think people can have a ruddy complexion

This is actually hypoxia!

Every time oboe plays

He's red like Guan Gong

Suddenly I feel sorry for my friend who plays oboe

Feeling of a lack of oxygen in brain at any time is really unpleasant

Inflate the masticatory muscles evenly on both sides

It's more obvious than chewing gum for 20 hours!

It is said that students learning this instrument

The wind is too disturbingI'm going to faint

But teachers seem very calm

After all, such a sharp "mouth"

I have to hit hard!

You have a long way to go!

Cello: I never thought learning to play piano would be difficult

Cello with its "stable" volume

He has always been known for his elegant manner in orchestra

But learning to play this instrument is most difficult

It's breathing problems...

The cello squeezes chest for a long time

I often choke

Willpower honed to super strength!

This is obviously a very expensive tool

Others will find it not very expensive

I'm only one who gets most upset when I run into bumps

My heart is bleeding!

Sorry about your height

Walking down road with cello

Yu Guang always feels that cello is going... going... road...

! High Energy Warning!

Harp: "Who has a heavy instrument like me, I have to play it on my shoulders every time!"

Cello: "You only have a few bars in piece of music you're talking about!"

Harp: "What's wrong with a few bars, then I have existence value!"

Cello: "Yes! Just stand there after you've finished playing. You don't need to support or carry it. Whether I play or not, I lean on my chest." p>

Harp: "Are your strings as expensive as mine?"

Cello: "You can only break one in hundreds of years"


But will we lose our love for music?

Of course not!

Music cultivated

Our ability to appreciate and perceive beauty

Miss this opportunity

Happiness in life will greatly decrease

Even if you are learning to play a musical instrument

There are such and such stories of bitterness and joy

This does not prevent music from reaching us

Nourishment of Soul

Make life more rich and beautiful