What knowledge should be learned in first year of learning to play violin?

What knowledge should be learned in first year of learning to play violin?

Some pianist friends often tell me they want to learn to play violin on their own and ask me if they can play a song in a year? Whenever I meet such a pianist friend, I patiently persuade him, violin The instrument is not fast, and it is impossible to fully master it in 1-2 years, otherwise those children who from an early age went to primary and secondary school at conservatory music, would go to a professional conservatory. music for further study at university.

Let's just say there is no end to path of learning to play violin, not to mention you and me, even world famous violin makers dare not say that they are perfect.

What knowledge should be learned in first year of learning to play violin?

Having said so much, I really want to share my knowledge with everyone. The path to learning to play piano is not always smooth and there will be many challenges along way. Today I will share with you what knowledge you should learn in first year of learning to play violin? If you have learned all things that I talked about below, then you are already very good.

In general, violin lessons are given once a week, so in a year, if you do not miss classes, you can take about 50 lessons. In other words, after 50 lessons, how can you learn to play violin?

1. Know violin.

Building, name, etc. instrument of violin, teacher will definitely tell you in first few lessons. Having learned how to call these names, you can proceed to next stage of training.

The structure of violin: violin consists of 4 strings, syllable of each string is a fifth, treble is fixed. Usually first string of violin is clear and bright. The second string is softer and more gentle. The tone of third string will be tighter, while fourth string will be wide and deep.

2. Hold bow and piano.

Holding bow and holding violin can be first step in learning to play violin. Don't underestimate these simple bow and violin skills. Therefore, while studying these two points, do not get bored and stop. In your first year of learning to play piano, if you do these two things well, you will definitely win in future.

3. Simple basic knowledge of music theory.

Under normal circumstances, in addition to some basic bow, violin and violin skills, teacher will begin to teach you a simple basic knowledge of music theory. For those students who have no musical training, although they attended music lessons in elementary and high school, they know tones of C, D, E, F, etc. in music machine. But when you really start learning to play piano, it's not just simple knowledge of staff, which can include more complex knowledge of music theory.

4. Practice with empty strings to meet certain speed requirements such as full bow (play bow every 4 beats and metronome can be set to 70-100).

5. There are at least two groups of scales and arpeggios: A major and D major.

6. Practice repertoire: know simple nursery rhymes and Wohlfarth's etudes. Example: Wolfart Lesson 1. Learned about 40-50 studies.

If you can complete these 50 lessons this year, approximate level will be higher. Of course, everyone's learning situation is different. It will be a little faster. It is also possible that you only take lessons and never play piano. You may not have even learned scale and arpeggio in A major this year.

Finally, I want to say one more thing

In first year of learning to play piano, you should develop good piano skills,

Insist on singing music and piano lessons every day.

This is samy important!