Learning to play the violin, which teacher is a good teacher

On way to learning to play musical instruments, biggest headache for us is choosing a good teacher.

Music teachers vary in ability, and there are even a large number of "fake" teachers. How can we identify them? Today I will give you 7 ways to tell real teachers from fake, you have to keep your eyes peeled!

An unreliable teacher can bury your talent and you may lose interest after three days. The most important thing in learning an instrument is teacher. Don't Let "Fake Teacher" Hold Your Child Down The Path to Learning Piano Instrument!


Fake Teacher: Buy a piano and get a lesson, buy a lesson and get a piano, buy more and get more!

A real teacher: you get what you pay for, no discounts or discounts on quality of teaching!

Competition in market is tough. When most teachers pay 200 per lesson and this teacher pays 80 per lesson and also hands out musical instruments, it's time to think about it. If paid labor force is same, then why is it so low? If there are no pitfalls, then one can only say that such a teacher does not study well!

Package Excess

Fake teacher: fifth grade in a year, tenth grade in three years, okay!

Real teacher: How long does your child study a week? Why is it overrated?

Tenth grade in three years is enough. It seems that you are confident in your teaching abilities. In fact, if you think about it, each student's learning ability is different, and time for piano lessons is same. ?

Ignoring basic skills

Fake teacher: Popular songs, I teach what I like, most important thing in learning to play piano is interest.

A real teacher: Pops can be played, but scales and etudes cannot!

Learning is a step-by-step process. If you don't have solid basic skills, you won't be able to do anything well. Some teachers believe that playing popular songs is also piano practice, and more you practice, better. However, basic skills can not only be accumulated over time.

Sell musical instruments

Fake teacher: do you know why you have a bad tone? Since this is a factory piano, it is not very good in itself, so I recommend you a handmade piano...

Real teacher: At your level it would be useless to give you a Stradivarius, don't blame instrument for your skill, practice well on piano!

Fake teachers always like to stress that class needs to "change piano". Your current game is not about your skills not being good enough. You can quickly improve your skills just by changing tool. If you insist on not changing piano, those teachers will be unhappy!

Don't talk about music theory

Fake Teacher: It's been three years since tenth grade, so I don't have time to teach music theory.

A real teacher: progress is slow and only a few pages are taught in one class. The rest of time is devoted to music theory, music history, music creation histories, and error-prone sections of textbook. music, etc.

It goes without saying how important music theory is. I should mention that music theory is now compulsory in GCSE and group of people who are hungry for quick success and quick profits has been weeded out.

Ideas for learning

Fake Teacher: You practice too little, just practice more!

A real teacher: find problems, analyze problems and solve problems.

All problems in world come down to one thing: "it's not enough to try." As a teacher, it's irresponsible to talk about "too little practice". Every student has their own problems, and lack of practice may be just one of them. We must analyze and solve problems based on student performance.

Recommended Contest

Fake teacher: Tomorrow there will be a XXX contest, please register your kids, next week there will be a XXX contest, please register your kids, and next month there will be a XXX challenge, then register your kids.. .

Real teacher: Please show your children. If there are suitable competitions, you can enroll your children to participate in them so that your children have more competitive training and performance experience. This will be helpful for your children. time to ask me.

There are some "international competitions" with high registration fees, which are actually a way for some teachers to earn "gray" income, so these fake teachers allow them to participate in a lot of competitions under pretext of increasing children's opportunities to play sports. for this money benefits "Fake Competition", parents should be vigilant!

One last thing: if you find a teacher who can lay foundation for you, cherish him!

"Can you lay foundation" is standard that defines quality of a teacher. If he is not a good teacher, then he will only teach students a little basic skills, and then he will practice all kinds of music, even popular songs!

It's often said that if basic skills aren't enough, fashion skills make up for it. Flower sets are like home decoration. The house is very nicely decorated, but without a good foundation it can easily be destroyed. At present, basic skills of many games are not solid and only bombs are played. As soon as you take part in big game, you will immediately reveal your true colors.

How to spot a good teacher:

First, there must be a solid theoretical foundation; second, there must be accurate demonstration techniques; thirdly, there should be a clear and effective language of instruction; fourthly, there must be patience, a loving attitude to learning, and meticulous devotion to Spirit.