Piano Teacher's Mantra Collection, Qingtong's Eternal Heartache


I'm not here to practice piano with you!

Leaving practice to teacher is a bad idea. Once you've mastered melody, try to at least familiarize yourself with melody before going to class. Only in this way the teacher will be able to teach you new knowledge. .


Have you played piano yet?

Just 5 words are enough to cast a psychological shadow on lazy kids... If you don't exercise during day, you know it! If you don't study for two days, teacher will know! If you don't train for three days, audience will know! Practice piano well!


Break up! I'll let you part, you hear!

It's not about breaking up with a guy. It is only by separating and practicing individual parts that we can concentrate on subtleties of character, expression, tone of each part, especially changes, etc., and carefully understand subtleties of each part in order to prepare for combination of several parts. parts in final stage. lay foundation.


What are you looking at me for? Are there notes on my face?

So do not turn your head to look at score, at this time teacher will say: "I will show you a demonstration, why are you reading score, look at me!" So who should I look at?


Have you applied your brains to playing piano?

The translation of this sentence is: let me take a good look at the bill!


How dare we be like you before!

When we were learning to play piano, we couldn't afford to play piano! When we were learning to play piano, if we didn't know how to play well, teacher would hit right! When we learned to play piano, we were ashamed to come to class without practice! …


Relax! Relax! Relax!

Relaxation is most important step in piano playing. The hands landed on keys as if in free fall, relaxing whole body and mind at same time, crisp and clear sound was perfectly presented. But students are always playing like robots with mismatched arms and legs, and teacher is freaking out, wanting to turn your arms into jump ropes.


Slow! slow! Practice slowly!

Slow practice is an essential step in process of playing piano. With slow practice, you will be able to read music clearly and accurately and correct every step in your piano practice. Haven't learned to walk and run yet?

There are so many teacher mantras, have you been deceived? To be reasonable, anyone who can tell you such things is a good teacher. Dear children, do not waste painstaking efforts of teacher, let's do well on piano!