16-character piano learning formulas

16-character piano learning formulas

16-character formula: separately and close, in parts, in parts, slowly, quickly, slowly, look back and back!

In fact, our brain is divided into subjective consciousness (attention) and subconsciousness. Under control of subjective consciousness, it is generally impossible to do two things or think about two problems at same time. Then, when you need to operate with two things, you need to use main consciousness and subconscious, otherwise you can’t finish it.

For example, when we are beginners learning piano, we can play it with one hand, but we can't play well when we put both hands together and we can't react properly. This is because subjective consciousness of brain can only be responsible for one hand in first place, and as a result, left hand cannot take care of right hand, right hand cannot take care of left hand, and hands cannot fit together well. So how can we cooperate with both hands?

To do this, you first need to train subconscious and win with numbers. The general method of training subconscious is to continuously repeat same action, and after reaching a certain amount it can be performed without control of subjective consciousness. The actual application to piano playing is: first concentrate on (subjective mind) and play with one hand several times, and number reaches more than 50-100 times. It is required to be attentive and serious, and not to play wrong sounds and rhythms. Beginners need many times, and veterans need less times gradually. After playing 50-100 times, switch to other hand and practice same amount to train your subconscious.

16-character piano learning formulas

Having received subconscious, I began to fold my hands. In beginning, tempo should be very slow, so slow that you can think of notes you need to play with your left and right hand at same time. If you can't answer, you need to practice with one hand or slow down again. When you can think of notes you need to play with your left and right hand at same time, start matching rhythm with your left and right hand in sequence.

The following process needs to be done: first find sound and position of left and right playback respectively, and then play sound one by one in contrast without rushing. It is impossible to overcome beginning in one breath. The complete piece of music must be played in a permanent ensemble.

In some pieces of music, general melody is more complicated than accompaniment, so we can put subjective consciousness on a difficult hand as much as possible, and on other hand, use subconscious with minor changes, and then when some places need to be corrected, swap conscious and subconscious .

In a real game, it is difficult for many students to practice many times with one hand, so assuming hands are directly joined together, it may take an hour to fully play 20 times because combination is very slow. But if you practice separately, you can play 20 times with one hand in 10 minutes and 60 times with your left and right hands in one hour, so when you put your hands together it will be very fast. Are you afraid of horses if you have quantity?

16-character piano learning formulas

Experienced players should feel piano with both hands. It takes a long time to become familiar with a piece of music and it doesn't turn out well after repeated practice, but after a lot of practice it can be quickly played all of a sudden or next day. This is because subconscious mind is being trained. Beginners don't know how to practice and give up when they can't close after repeated practice thinking practice isn't good enough. As everyone knows, he came out after insisting on playing it several times. It must be emphasized here that no matter how difficult track is, as long as lowest speed is set, it will be easy. The introductory course repertoire is not really difficult, so there should be an opportunity to practice well.

In end, I want to tell you that playing piano is really not difficult. Quick, look back and back). Although this process takes time, it is very satisfying and rewarding when you get results.

Therefore, I hope that students should be confident that what others can do, you can do. You are best, you are most purposeful, you are most stubborn, you are most diligent. When countless beautiful notes flow from your fingertips, you are happiest person in world.