22 Phrases Every Violin Beginner Should Know

22 Phrases Every Violin Beginner Should Know

22 Phrases Every Violin Beginner Should Know

1. Turn your head slightly to left and nod your head; face strings and watch bow run; straighten your head and neck without tilting to left; it seems that there is no piano; legs are shoulder-width apart, and body is steady.

2. The tip of little finger of right hand is curved on handle of bow.

3. When pulling to tip of bow, right wrist hangs slightly, and thumb is extended straight, when pulled to base of bow, it is slightly bent, and thumb is half bent.

4. The bow moves along fretboard because piano is not held horizontally. The piano is better to hold a little higher. Face notes.

5. The right hand uses tip of bow to nervously play violin so you can move violin to right.

6. The action of changing strings with bow should be arcuate, not angular.

7. When bowing, plane of upper and lower parts of arms should be parallel to bow shaft.

8. To change knob, you have to slide your fingers along string, and you cannot jump forward off string. If you don't slide string, it's easy to get an open string sound.

9. Practice syllables every day, especially descending scales.

22 Phrases Every Violin Beginner Should Know

10. Try to press piano as little as possible, and pressing pressure of finger and bow is equal. The force on strings is result of prolonged exercise, not result of applying great force. They say that you need to press strings, but in reality it is raising and lowering fingers.

11. Never roughen your fingertips.

12. The essence of relaxation is full movement.

13. The right hand is base.

14. Relaxed movements produce beautiful sounds, while tight movements do not produce good sound effects. Playing modern complex pieces requires complete relaxation of left hand. The sound of "pimples" throughout bow is caused by tension of some muscles of right hand.

15. The general principle is that bow is perpendicular to string. Maximum vertical amplitude.

16. Hold bow lightly, play violin using weight of bow, and feel slight sensation of bow pressing lightly on strings.

17. How to straighten and straighten bowstring without looking at it, smoothly and smoothly, easily and freely, and to get sound to be pleasant, this requires a period of practice and constant attention.

18. The exercise should be coherent, stable, proportionate, clean and loud.

19. When grinding strings, left hand should be relaxed.

22 Phrases Every Violin Beginner Should Know

20. An unpleasant sound is cause of inexperience or bad posture. Check if bow is straight where bow touches string (generally, bow is close to fretboard and sound is soft) and empty string is used too often.

21. "Cleansing" - often practice what you have practiced since beginning of stage, and carefully find each wrong sound. After that, you will feel that each rep is actually different.

22. As long as you believe in facts that "ants can gnaw on bones" and "water drops through rocks", you can also believe that violin will be "solved". In this regard, non-environmentally conscious imagination is that a little weeding and cutting down trees can gradually destroy this forest.