Fingering for beginners on violin

Fingering for beginners on violin

As most important instrument in string group of modern orchestras, violin is loved by people because of its melodious sound, and is also known as three main instruments in world along with piano and classical guitar.

Violin fingerings:

The fingering of violin should be adjusted according to different pieces of music.

Good practice of violin fingering is more conducive to development of technique, performance of characteristics of work and unity of sound quality before and after performance of music.

Key points for holding neck with left hand:

Make sure each finger is above pitch;

Do not turn your palms outward and do not get too close to neck.

The position of thumb of left hand varies from person to person.

It is not recommended to place neck close to tiger's mouth, as this will limit flexibility of fingers. Place your hands lower so your fingers can touch more notes.

Practice fingering:

The finger exercise can be used as a warm-up before each class.

As you finger, pay attention to rise and fall of each finger.

Try to lift each finger as high as you can while exercising at a slower pace.

Each time, fingers bounce up with explosive force, and when they fall down, they are pressed by natural force of fingers, and fingers themselves are pressed against strings.

The violin does not require much strength, emphasis is on precision.

Always change your speed while exercising and don't train at same speed.

Vary your pace as you work out.

Practicing in this way can speed up fingering progress as well as accelerate growth of detail and strength.

Actually, this is not case, left fingering of violin is not complicated, one might say very simple, it is nothing but different phonemes and fingerings in different positions.

On contrary, function of left hand of violin deserves sufficient attention, and it is necessary to know how to conduct scientific and formal training, not only to train its pitch, but, most importantly, to increase its dexterity and flexibility.

There is every reason to say that playing violin for a lifetime means training function of left finger for a lifetime. Of course, it is also a test of coordination ability of right hand and musical judgment of brain. .

Fingering for beginners on violin
Fingering for beginners on violin