How to pronounce violin beautifully

How to pronounce violin beautifully

How to pronounce violin beautifully

How to play violin to make a pleasant sound? This is a question that almost everyone who is learning to play violin will ask, and many people have asked me this question. I thought over and over again about how to answer it, and later discovered that it can be one of most difficult questions in violin playing.

When a performer plays a piece of music, good or bad pronunciation must be judged on many aspects, but main ones are: penetrating power of sound, mastery of power, and timbre's suitability for requirements of piece. And they must be in hands of performer.

In fact, violin is most spiritual instrument, if you master it well, it will be like a living one and will be able to make sound that you really need. It is generally accepted that only a good violin can make a good sound, but if only those priceless famous violins are considered good violins, then there are not many violinists in world who can play such a violin. In fact, if piano is not too bad and method is right, it can also produce a very good sound. If you play violin incorrectly, even a very good violin can only make an unpleasant sound.

In addition, a good violinist can "turn" an ordinary violin into a very good violin after a long time. May turn out to be a lousy violin, so for particularly good violins, always indicate which violinist(s) it was used. Therefore, we say that violin communicates with humanity.

The pronunciation of violin is very strange. You need to figure out what sound to make. You can’t be content with just volume, intonation, and rhythm. If there is no good timbre, then even if volume is loud, there will be no penetration in it, and sound will seem "cloudy", "astringent" and "opaque". The key question now is, is sound you want beautiful sound violin should make? I think that different people have different opinions about what a beautiful sound is, and same applies to violinists.

As with intonation, some people are born with a good ability to judge intonation, but some people unfortunately don't have this innate ability to judge. They need special training before they can deal with intonation problems. Similarly, some people may have trouble judging timbre, so sound they make while playing violin does not seem beautiful to others, but they find it beautiful. The ability to judge timbre, or rather sense of timbre, is more difficult to train than pitch, because, unlike pitch, which can be quantified by number of hertz, there is no single data that could be used as a standard. to judge whether a beautiful tone or not.

Then the only way to solve problem of timbre evaluation may be to listen to performances of those performers who are recognized as having a particularly choirwith our pronunciation, carefully feel and experience and gradually form a kind of inner quality. In this way, you will gradually develop your own inner feeling and desire for beautiful sound, and then you can explore, seek and find this sound, constantly improving your playing skills. Some people may complete this process quickly, some people will be slower, and some people may never experience it.

How to pronounce violin beautifully

Generally speaking, when describing a beautiful sound, adjectives such as "penetrating power" and "clear and transparent" are always used. In order to make such a sound, there are several basic technical points in playing violin, which is very important for everyone. , same one. For example, when pressing down on a string with your fingers, you must have a certain force to press string against fretboard (except overtones), and you must gently and flexibly lift it up. The point of contact of bow must be adjusted to position of fingers of left hand. If you can't do that, you definitely won't be able to make a penetrating sound.

We'll talk about these basic techniques step by step later. But it's even more important to find sound you want through your own research. If teacher tells students that sound is not good and what sound they want, it's really useless, because each student is actually trying to make a sound that he thinks is good and generally thinks it is. pronounce it correctly. Perhaps best way is to demonstrate to students, to give students a feel for what sound is to be made, and at same time explain how sound should be used.

From a technical point of view, what does it take to play violin to make a pleasant sound? First of all, from very beginning of learning, one must firmly remember that when playing violin there should not be a feeling of awkwardness in any part of body. Of all common musical instruments, only violin and viola are played in such a unique way that is very different from basic natural posture of humans, so it's easy to feel awkward when playing violin. special practice and exercise, body will always have something tense. In such a tense state, it is impossible to pull out a beautiful voice.

When playing violin, only when you feel perfectly comfortable and without any awkwardness can you make a beautiful sound. For this, it is necessary to always pay attention to relaxation during performance. Whether left or right hand is applying force, there must be a certain degree of tension. Through deliberate practice, you can catch gaps in short phrases during a performance and ease tension that was still caused by application of force. just now. A small part of muscles that are tense can have good endurance, which is also very similar to sports.

With this practice, even if you play 24 Caprices of Paganini in one go, you can still do it with ease. Do not think that Paganini's 24 whims are studies for solving technical problems in a general sense; from a technical point of view, this is not most difficult thing. In fact, each of its capitals is very beautiful music, and in order to beautifully express music in it, one must be able to play it with ease.

More importantly, you must form your own inner feeling and desire for beautiful sound, then you can carefully judge withhowl ear, constantly improve your gaming skills, explore, search and find the type of pronunciation that you like. I think beautiful.

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