Stomach Pain from Laughter|If You Don't Read Score, You'll Be Hurt—On Importance of Reading Score

On Importance of Reading Grades

There is a junior (clarinet) who recently joined orchestra, he did not arrange scores himself, so he used old scores of his elders. Somewhere on sheet music it always says "Heads down...Heads down". Although he was confused, he still bows his head in time with score from time to time. He later edited score himself, so of course odd notes like head bows were ignored. However, during performance, he was hit hard on head by a trombone behind him... When he found senior's score, it said: "Bow."

Violin: live more and earn less, but still have good skills

Former professional symphony orchestra. Everyone except boss gets same money. Thus following script appears:

Percussion instruments such as big cymbals, etc. Pia, two hundred on hand.

For brass and woodwind parts, play for a dozen or twenty yuan (the sister who plays flute said it herself),

Then a sad reminder: 10 cents, 20 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents, 50 cents, 60 cents...