What effect does learning to play a musical instrument have on people?

Learning to play a musical instrument depends on both interest and talent.

Study a musical instrument to experience beauty of immersing yourself in it, not for performance, not for demonstrating skills, but for pure evaluation, which is very nice.

So, how much does learning to play a musical instrument affect people?

For most of us, this topic may remain unanswered.

Because we grew up in an exam-oriented educational environment

When I was young, I rarely had opportunity to systematically learn a particular musical instrument.

It's even harder to learn when you grow up.

However, musical instruments are different from other trivial things: in West, children with a good family upbringing have to learn to play a musical instrument from childhood.

For example:

1. A violinist who cannot play piano is not a good physicist! (Einstein)

2. In addition to investing, Warren Buffett is also a good ukulele player

3. Basketball giants Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou show off their piano skills on same stage

4. Former US President Bill Clinton is a master of saxophone

5. Steven Spielberg, director of Jurassic Park, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, ET, was once a clarinetist and his father was a pianist.

Likewise, looking at China, there are quite a few celebrities who have been learning to play musical instruments since childhood.

For example:

1. Yuan Longping, father of Hybrid Rice, can play violin and was a famous brass player in high school

2. Wang Lihom learned to play violin at age of 6, started playing piano at age of 8, started playing jazz drums at age of 10, became very interested in guitar at age of 12, tried to compose and write songs at age of 13 with his strong talent, and at age of 19 he published his first album, Beethoven's Rival, and has since embarked on path of music.

3. Karen Mok learned guzheng at age of 12 and picked it up again 20 years later.

Of course, the children of many celebrities also learn to play musical instruments.

Tian Liang's daughter Mori's CD: piano + violin

Juan Lei's daughters: piano + guitar

Guo Tao's son Xiao Shitou: piano + guitar

Have you ever wondered why we should study a musical instrument?

Become a performer in future?

In order to have another skill to earn a living in future?

Probably not.

When we learn to play a musical instrument, we hope that in future, enjoying a beautiful melody, we can calm down and be more attentive and strict about one thing: perseverance of character.

Yoo Minhoon once said something to his daughter who was tired of playing piano:

Most of all in life, dad regrets that he cannot play musical instruments. Playing musical instruments can relieve depression. Learning to play piano is not about passing an exam, but about helping you find a way to express your mood. In future, you will definitely enter social circle. If you can play piano while your friends sing, you will be respected by others.

At that time, Yoo Min Hun was an ordinary parent of a pianist boy. At this point, he expressed reasons why his children learned to play musical instruments.

The meaning of learning to play a musical instrument has long gone beyond study of a specialty, but more like a kind of spiritual communication and character training. A taste of life and a hobby for life. From childhood to adulthood, learn to grow, learn to overcome, learn to be diligent, learn to be calm, learn to stick to your dreams and never give up, learn to be strict. In fact, this is a hardening and awakening of character.

To put it simply, learning to play a musical instrument does not have to lead to professional performance, because when you learn to play a musical instrument, you will find that biggest benefit it brings you is that it develops your coordination. and improves your performance, your temperament.

A musical instrument requires concentration of hearing, sensitive finger movements and coordination of whole body and limbs. No matter what kind of musical instrument it is, it can help develop senses and enrich spiritual life.

This is advantage of learning to play a musical instrument.

This is change that musical instruments can bring to you.

After learning how to play a musical instrument, you will find:

After years of hard work, I can finally achieve a certain exuberance and sophistication, a certain contentment and extraordinary posture!