The metronome is guitarist's soul mate!

Today we will talk about howto play piano

Most of basic skills are spent practicing scales and arpeggios. The most important tool for practicing basic skills is metronome. If there is no metronome, I won't. I can practice piano, I usually start at a very slow speed like 60.

How many notes can be played on one beat?

I suggest you start by playing two notes per bar, i.e. eighth notes. When practicing, you should use even force, not suddenly big or small.

If you can play eighth notes at tempo 60 accurately and with perfect speed control, we can increase speed.

Some very professional drummers gradually speed up their practice according to order 60, 61, 61, 62, 63. This requires a lot of patience, which is not necessary for beginners. We can jump to 65 after training 60 and then train to 70 after 65 and keep accelerating.

It's good that we all practice with eighth notes. Some students may ask, is it necessary to practice piano until sixteenths? It's actually a math problem.For example, I'm playing eighth notes at a speed of 200 notes, which is actually same as if I were playing a sixteenth note at a speed of 100.

It's good to practice eighth notes when we practice because playing two notes at 200 is more accurate than playing 4 notes at 100.

Generally speaking, eighth notes should be played at a speed of 320, which is equivalent to 160 sixteenth notes. This speed is suitable for most types of music, unless it is extreme. For music styles that require higher bit rate support, you need to increase the learning rate.

That's all for today. For more music check out: Oops Music