How to develop a good habit of playing string when learning to play violin for beginners?

When learning to play violin for beginners, it is very important to develop correct movement for pressing strings. For this reason, I asked this question to my friend Xu, CEO of Qingge Musical Instruments. He has been working in violin industry for many years. for many years, and also for many years playing violin. Educational work, according to him, is vertical movement of one finger, movement of raising and lowering string, vertical movement up and down. Its main points have following four aspects:

(1) The fingers should not be raised too high or too low, just lift them to height of first knuckle of fretting finger. But finger lifting action must be fast.

(2) The raising and lowering of frets is completely controlled by third joint of finger (also known as finger-metacarpal joint). Raise your fingers and never touch them closely with other fingers to develop ability of each finger to move independently.

(3) For finger that strikes string, keep curved shape of four fingers placed on string at same time. The fingers should gently press on strings and gently rest on strings. This practice can make fingers precise, agile, flexible, strong and full of elasticity.

(4) Whether it is raising fingers, striking strings, or pressing strings, word "loosen" must be respected. The fingers of left hand should always be very soft and free, and there should be no stiffness at all.

How to play violin correctly? How to develop a good habit to press string? That's all for today, comments, likes are welcome.