Knowledge of music notation

Knowledge of music notation

Musical numbering is most basic knowledge in teaching music, as well as first door through which one can successfully enter door of music. Below is an excerpt from teaching materials in music room for your reference.

Knowledge of music notation

Key 1. Recognizing musical notes and times

Notes are main symbols of music, usually 1234567. That is, do re mi fa sol la si. To learn musical notation, you must first learn seven scales, and secondly, duration value is duration of each note in music. , usually counted by beats, in layman's terms, when a hand is clapped and then raised as one beat, we can use a tick to indicate this. Notes consist of whole notes, which are four beats, half notes for two beats, quarter notes for one beat, eighth notes for half beats, and sixteenth notes for quarter beats. line is also an arc, meaning that only one note is sung at same pitch, and dots represent continuation of half of previous note. Memorizing length of duration is key. Only by memorizing length of notes of duration can we quickly learn first part of numbered notation.

Second key: sing or play

In music, only one and three tones are used for sound names, not two and four tones. If you chant two and four tones, you will sing out of tune. More attention should be paid to pronunciation of each sound. .In middle and high sound, we must say it once, and when we see bass, we must say it three times. If two basses are next to each other, then first is pronounced three times, and second bass is pronounced four times.

Key 3. The Importance of Rhythm

A hit is a handclap. This is a blow. When you parry a punch, you must practice slowly. According to numbered notation, you can't rush to hit and pull. when we know time value of score, we can use checkmark to indicate it. Sing notes according to score. Beginners don't need complex theories, just remember what notes are being read and what is their length, and then they can learn numbered notation, sight-singing, sight-reading, easy to start and learn quickly. Learning simplified notation is so easy.