Destroying ten misconceptions about classical music at once

Today we're going to talk about 10 major misconceptions people have about classical music. In our 22 years as classical musicians, we have often heard some misconceptions about classical music. Today we are going to dispel those misconceptions! Let truth be known - truth about classical musicians! This is our daily life

01 People who play classical music are so bald, so old, so greasy

In an episode of Got Talent, judges said people with high classical music are bald, old, and greasy. I don't think she saw a violin competition full of teenage geniuses, he didn't see Hilary Hahn, Janine Jansen.

The reason for this misunderstanding is that classical musicians have long careers. It is rare to see an athlete at peak of his career at age of 60. But most classical musicians are still at peak of their careers by age 60. look at older conductors, they are still active at 60 classical music careers are longer and only getting stronger

02 The classical music audience is very old

When you look at auditorium, there are really a lot of gray-haired people, but have you ever been to our concert? Indeed, there are more young people than gray-haired ones! I think audience for classical music... actually has a wide age range, not only older generation listens to classical music


When we introduce classical music to friends who don't study music themselves, they are usually very...enthusiastic, eager to learn more about it, and everyone loves it. I think it depends on... is able to contact. It's a big mistake to go to classical music instead of insisting that young people just don't like classical music.

03 Classical music is dull and boring

When it comes to classical music, many people say, "Classical music is for relaxing or listening to books"

But on other hand, there's damn Symphony No. 12 by Shostakovich

Then there's a heartbroken Mahler, like he just had a heart attack while composing

I think it has something to do with development of technology. In past, composers could only use a limited set of tools to express artistic concept they wanted to convey. We still have super crazy synths, just turn on synth. ! Current pop music tends to take everyone as high as possible, entire song is only about two minutes long. Thanks to technology, for a long time everyone could not focus on ability to appreciate classical music ... and it also weakened. There is really a big difference between them. Listening to classical music requires a lot of effort< /p>

Anyway, pop music isn't bad, pop music is great, it's just different from classical music.

04 Musical talent is innate and cannot be developed

Well I really would like to be a child prodigy, everyone can be gifted with some degree of prodigy when they are born... but in end most important element of success is piano lessons... piano lessons... lessons piano

05 Only intellectuals or rich people listen to classical music

Looking back at history, it's true, but this is an era where you can listen to classical music when you can surf Internet.

06 People who listen to classical music take 800 seriously

We take music very seriously, but... Also, I think a lot of people think that soloists are serious music, but I'm really cutest in history

07 People who like classical music hate pop music

Some classical musicians hate pop music, but not everyone hates and loves Bach. It doesn't mean that I can't love BTS. Another argument in favor of fact that there are many...

Idol stars are chord progressions that appear in pop music learning classical music

That is, everything that is taught in music theory lessons is classical music. The essence is same. So, strictly speaking, pop music is classical music

08 can't be eaten as food

Go and see orchestra and freelance musicians. They can't eat because they haven't played piano....

Don't be influenced by these sour people - follow your dreams, look ahead to your goals, practice piano every day and don't give up. Even though it's hard work, it's definitely worth it!

09 Classical music is same

I think people who don't understand classical music have such a misunderstanding. Everyone seems to think only of styles of musicians like Beethoven, Bach or Mozart. Generally speaking, classical music covers many periods. all over world. Its history is actually deeper than popular music. From 17th century to present day, compare Courelli with Brahms, although same word is used now, but look - if you study carefully. If you look at musical accompaniment, you will find that style of music has changed a lot.

Then you can also compare violin sonatas and symphonies written by same composer. They are not same. There are many faces worth exploring. I think that's why classical music can be so... exciting and satisfying. Great. works have stood test of time

And... more you understand all subtleties of music, more you will be able to appreciate diversity of classical music. I think that by mixing classical music, everyone will feel more relaxed and happy

10 Classical music has declined

This question has already been discussed badly. We found that many young people now like classical music. This question depends on whether they have opportunity to come into contact with classical music. I was surrounded by many people (without musical education) who started learning to play an instrument after attending a concert. There is always a need in life for something worth enjoying over and over again. Unlike pop music, which will have a major shift in two months, I'm not sure that in 20 years we'll still be listening to Justin Bieber, but I'm sure we'll still be listening to Bach. You deserve classical music.