Qin, parents can definitely help their children

Every parent of a child who plays piano, after child learns to play piano, is not recommended to engage in hands-off shopping, but accompanying practice is technical work. Help children to coordinate everything well, and children will easily develop addiction. If you do not accompany them, learning effect will not be very good. In fact, if you find right direction and find right method, as long as you spend time and energy in past to let children form a good habit, later child, more parents can let go. !


Helping children learn to read music

Main manifestations: delayed reaction when reading spectrum, misunderstanding of symbols, errors in reading spectrum, repeated incorrect sounds

Suggestion: Knowing piano score is a necessary process for anyone learning to play piano. This link is to allow children to form habit of independent thinking, but formation of a habit is impossible without parental guidance. Can improve efficiency of reading spectrum! Only then can children form good habits.

How to do it? You have to control your child in this way, tell your child

  1. Sing score. If you don't know sound, you can figure it out from sound you know.
  2. Have child describe tempo of piece to be played today and explain meaning of symbols before beginning.
  3. Parents can introduce their children to a musical style that can be found in textbooks or online materials.
  4. Get children in habit of checking, and after completing piece of music, they can check if they read spectrum correctly.
  5. When you are first introduced to a new piece of music, ask your child not to memorize score in a hurry, but to play it by looking at notes.
  6. Slowly decrease time, limit time for reading music, and each time set a goal for child to make small progress and gradually improve it.

Note: Parents should always pay attention to their children's activities. The above methods can be used for a long time, so that children develop good habits. Another point is to keep in touch with children, do not ignore children's ideas completely, if there are problems that cannot be solved by yourself, you can contact teacher to solve them.


Help children with rhythm disorders

The rhythm is wrong, erratic, ineffective

Suggestion. Explain rhythm before song starts. If you do not understand notation of rhythm or concept of rhythm is vague, you should improve your child's knowledge of music theory.

  1. Before performing new songs, parents should write down well what teacher said during lesson.
  2. When teaching children at home, you can use metronome as an auxiliary function.
  3. As you sing, remind your child to count time.


Help your kids improve their piano performance

This is still old fashioned way, parents can control their children:

Separate exercises. You can train your left and right arms separately. Let each hand achieve correct notation and rhythm before practicing hand in hand!

Divide into Parts: Depending on complexity of piece, divide it into 4-8 parts and practice in parts! At same time, you can use HS practice principle flexibly! After practice, you will be able to play piece more than 10 times with one hand! Then switch to other hand and join hands again!

Slow Practice: After rehearsing hand in hand, you should slow down tempo accordingly to avoid wrong sounds. At same time, you should pay attention to overall rhythm and expression of piece. , and sound should be clear and stable!

Gradually increase speed: based on slow practice. If you gradually become familiar with it, speed must be gradually increased to have an effect!

Set time: In order to improve children's work efficiency, it is necessary to set appropriate time according to child's practice skills. Firstly, it can give children a sense of timing, and secondly, it can prevent children from procrastinating Habit!


Helping kids simplify

Set a time for children to read or play music, do not interrupt it, for example, read half in morning and other half in afternoon, this is not recommended! Another thing is to provide children with a calm environment so that their attention can be relatively concentrated!

After completion of practice period, parents should check results and progress. But don't interrupt your child's training in middle! To find wrong places, help kids find mistakes and ask them to correct them! Don't skimp on praise and praise when your child is doing well!

When playing piano with children, you must remain calm. Do not let your own emotions influence children!

Successful education is inseparable from guidance of teachers, diligence and hard work of children, and cooperation of parents.

Therefore, parents, teachers and children should interact and communicate to protect children's piano learning, work together to create a favorable environment so that children can learn quickly and well!