Is it difficult to learn to play violin? So why does he still like so many?

Is it difficult to learn to play violin? So why does he still like so many?

When it comes to violin, everyone thinks it is a very elegant instrument, but in direct proportion to its popularity, learning to play violin is very difficult in eyes of many people, so is it really difficult to learn how to play violin?

Answer: Difficult! ! ! But which tool is easy to master? ? ? If you are not attentive, it will be difficult for you to learn anything, but if you are attentive, that is all!

Is it difficult to learn to play violin? So why does he still like so many?

One of reasons for difficulty of learning

Because violin is more human than other musical instruments, it is closer to human voice, it can be high, it can be euphemistic, it can be short, it can be long; The violin moves people's hearts and inspires their imagination. It is not like a machine like other instruments. The violin has neither cold feel of metal nor hardness of metal, it can be a hot flame, a catharsis of emotions and an unstoppable flow. They are determined by some characteristics of violin. Thus, expression of such feelings cannot be achieved overnight.

Second reason for learning difficulties

The violin is stretched with a bow, and each sound can change from weak to loud, from loud to weak; It is different from piano, guitar, harp. The piano has its advantages, but when a key is struck, sound is always from strong to weak, without exception, this difference greatly enhances expressiveness of violin, and besides, it is more difficult to practice.

The third reason for learning difficulties

Even though both violin and erhu are stringed instruments, erhu has only two strings, and bow is sandwiched between two strings, which is very discreet. The violin, on other hand, has four strings and bow can move freely. Children can pull and dial. You can pluck not only with your right hand, but also with your left hand, you can pull not only one string, but also two, and three, and even four strings. The bow method includes dozens of bow methods such as jumping bow and stomping bow. Thus, violin is much more flexible than erhu, which is also a stringed instrument. This also leads to need to put more effort into mastering ta.

The fourth reason for learning difficulties

There is another difference between violin and guitar, piano, harp, etc., that is, there is no fixed pitch. There can be more than ten transitional tones between two tones. And piano has only one key C-sharp between C and D. Because of this difference, violin can be appropriately exaggerated according to needs of music, and music played becomes especially emotional. We have seen violinists play for us on disc, imitating effects of machines, pigs, pipes, etc., which is unimaginable on other musical instruments.

Five reasons why learning is hard

The violin also places high demands on children. Children must have a good ear and understanding of music, combined with a high degree of coordination of brain, eyes, hands and ears, in order to understand mystery of violin.

Is it difficult to learn to play violin? So why does he still like so many?

Despite fact that learning to play violin is difficult, difficulties are also beneficial. First, violin is lighter and smaller than piano (does not use electricity). Play almost anywhere. It's not a problem for one person to carry four or five violins without instruments, but four or five people can't necessarily move a piano with much effort.

You can take your violin to garden, to zoo, to river or even on plane. Since violin is portable, many people can get a band together, rehearse together, and tour together. Now many high schools have symphony orchestras, so many violinists are needed so that schools have more choice and more opportunities for children. In some groups, 30-40 violins can play, which is very useful for children after training.