How to learn pitch of violin for beginners: building frame of left hand

Friends starting to play violin, pitch is first difficulty to overcome. At beginning, it is recommended to practice scales of three sharps A major, D major and G major with tonic as an open string. We can easily build basis for three intonations.

1. Pure structure of fourth power of an empty string and a third finger. Taking D major with 3rd string as dominant tone as an example, three-finger pitch of A string is D5, making a clear fourth pitch with pitch of empty A4 string. So whether or not position of three fingers is accurate, we have two references. One is a pure fourth, formed by pitch of open string and pitch of three fingers. The first sentence of national anthem, which we are very familiar with, "Get up~" is a perfect fourth. If an empty string means "start", then three fingers means "come". The second is a three-finger A string pitch and a D string pitch, one is D5 and other is D4, which are two sounds with same name an octave difference. It's like a male voice and a female voice singing same note. With these two reference gauges, it is not difficult to tap accurately with three fingers. After three fingers are pressed, second finger is pressed next to third finger, and position of first finger is in middle of distance between string nut and second finger. Similarly, this method can accurately find scale within one octave of A major and G major with 2nd and 4th strings as root.

Second, a pure five-string structure with open strings and four fingers. Four fingers are little fingers. It is shortest, most inflexible, and weakest finger of four irritating fingers on left hand. Therefore, four fingers often become a weak point for violinists. Practicing good four-finger strength, intonation and flexibility goes a long way in improving violin playing skills. Still taking D major as an example, pitch of four fingers of A string is E5, which makes a pure fifth bond with pitch of A string. So whether or not position of four fingers of A string is exact, we also have two references. One of them is open string A. The first sentence of song "Asterisk" is familiar to us: "Twinkle, twinkle, sparkle." If first Blink is empty A string, then second Blink is four fingers. Secondly, pitch of four fingers of A string and empty string of E string is E5, which are two exactly same notes. Therefore, whether four fingers are exactly pressed can be found by comparing mi string.

A clean 4D wireframe of three, one and four fingers. Still take line A as an example. The height of one finger of A string is B4, and height of ring finger is E5, forming a perfect fourth. The height of first finger of D string is E4, which is an octave from E5 of fourth finger of A string.

With these few frames, you canpress pitch of violin, and no longer a blind man feels an elephant without boundaries.

According to this method of practice, do: heart to pointer to ear, I believe that friends can overcome difficulty of serving as soon as possible!