How to buy most suitable violin for learning to play violin

How to buy most suitable violin for learning to play violin

How to buy most suitable violin for learning to play violin

We feel that people who play violins are really happy these days, because there are many options not only in choosing type of violin, but also where to buy a violin. For example: We can buy violins from regular musical instrument stores or specialty violin stores. You can order directly from master, or you can buy through introduction of teachers and friends. Nowadays, commercial computers are developed, so it is also possible to buy online and by mail order. Even go to auction house to participate in auction to buy. There are many ways, which one is better? Below we will make a simple analysis of advantages and disadvantages of each method, and readers will be able to compare advantages and disadvantages to find place that suits them to buy.

♦Online shopping and mail order

Such places usually advertise that price is low, but in fact, many cheap musical instruments are actually sold in this way. But because violins they sell also have brands and models, buying a violin is different than buying relatively consistent quality items like strings and violin cases. The sound of each violin will be different, and workmanship, especially build quality, is very different. Buyers do not have opportunity to compare multiple violins. Although they can return goods, think over, repackage, mail, etc. The problem is that some people have to buy a violin they don't really like just because they don't want to be that much of a hassle. So online shopping and mail order is a bit like buying cattle across mountains, which is not a good way to go.

♦Buy a piano on recommendation of teachers or friends

It mostly depends on whether friend or teacher is good at playing violin. If he is very knowledgeable and sincere to help you and not just for other benefits, then this is also a good way to buy a piano. Even if intermediary extracts 10-15% of reward, this is understandable. Because teacher's professional knowledge ensures that you don't buy wrong piano. If you buy wrong violin, will you lose even more? As with buying real estate, only by respecting other people's expertise and providing appropriate rewards can you buy good things you want.

♦Buy a violin at auction

For those who are not usually very experienced, this is very unwise and risky. He will pay high tuition fees. For very experienced violin experts and dealers only, this is place to look for opportunities. But pianos in auction house usually need to be repaired and tuned, and some of them need to be rebuilt and undergo major surgery. Because things are mixed there, and even a lot of bad things. In addition, there is another difficulty in auction - to face competitors. If you can't figure it all out at once, you can buy moreother goods in line with rising price trend. Therefore, people who are not real experts, but simply want to buy a piano for their own use, it is better not to risk it.

♦Order directly from master

There are many excellent craftsmen both at home and abroad. Research their level beforehand, for example, have they won any international violin maker competitions? Which performers have used his instrument? You can then buy or order his instruments according to his mouth. However, this method also has its drawbacks: there are few options for buying violins from masters, especially eminent ones. And even if you played and loved his other violins, but when you are not very satisfied with violin you ordered, buy it. If you don't want it, don't buy it. In addition, after six months or a year, sound of new piano will be slightly different. Most will get better, but it can get worse. This is because wood (including panel, backboard, bridge, and sound stand) of a piano is affected by various factors such as changes in air humidity, stress, and stress. This is fine. But you must have a good relationship with this luthier or other experienced luthiers so that you can set it up accordingly and always keep instrument in best possible condition.

♦Buy at piano store

There are actually two types of piano stores, one is a regular musical instrument store and other is a specialty violin store. The former sell everything from pianos to guitars to flutes and stringed instruments, so they don't know much about violin instruments and are very professional (of course they won't admit it). In terms of string instrument selection, instrument assembly, repair, maintenance and after-sales service, they are far from comparable to violin specialty stores, because violin instruments have a very deep expertise. Although prices at professional violin shops are not necessarily lowest, they are professionals from boss to clerks, and they will look at it from a more complete point of view in order to satisfy needs of customers. Most specialty violin stores also allow customers to take violin home for a short trial period, provide good maintenance, and even return, exchange, etc. Even if it is a basic student piano, their professional assembly will be much more thorough and accurate than in regular musical instrument stores. Of course, each specialty store also has different business habits, so you should also ask about its reputation.

I also want to remind you that learning and buying a violin is a noble interest and self-improvement for life, please respect this goal. Don't even think about buying musical instruments and hiring teachers at lowest price. This only makes original noble goal even more