I always complain that piano learning is ineffective, what's problem?

3 hours a day teacher collected treasure.

Two hours a day she runs on finger piano.

1 hour a day, just enough to get through.

Half an hour a day is better than no practice.

1 hour a week, if you don't study, do it earlier.

If you only practice piano two days a week, and total time is less than an hour, then you only practice piano 52 hours a year! All in less than 3 days!

Piano practice for 60 minutes a day only gives you 72 hours of muscle memory. In other words, you won't forget within 3 days, and you will forget everything on 4th day!

Today's parents have more and more "respect" for their children, which is good and social progress. But often, due to self-expansion, combined with an exaggerated attitude towards so-called Western education, which overemphasizes "happy growth" and thus overcorrects, respect actually becomes obedience. The child said that he did not want to study anymore and was going to sell piano less than a month after purchase.

Many people say that children do not like to play piano. It is ultimately caused by inertia with which people are born. Not to mention children, adults will do same. Learning has never been an easy task, it requires not only hard work of children, but also patient company of parents.

Once a parent shared with me experience of teaching his daughter to play piano: she sent her daughter to learn to play piano every week, in any weather. When her daughter is in class, she also takes notes and talks about music theory. As a result, my daughter studied piano for 10 years and passed 10th level of piano playing. She also learned to play piano.

In process of learning to play piano, her daughter also had idea of ​​giving up. It was her seriousness and patience that allowed her daughter to endure for ten years and made playing piano her greatest passion. . An excellent child can never be born out of nowhere and must be backed by countless time and painstaking work of parents.

Playing piano without using your brain = training in vain!

Main symptoms:

The game stutters, with wrong key, lots of wrong sounds, wrong fingering, wrong rhythm, without any musical expression. Hands do not want to slow down, and brain does not keep up with them.


Look at score clearly, train separately, train slowly.

Putting off playing piano = studying in vain!

Main symptoms:

I don't want to practice piano today... dizzy... my stomach hurts... I haven't finished my homework yet... today my fingers are peeling... time to practice...


Set a fixed time for class every day, mark time regularly, if you don't meet standard, you should be punished if you don't do your homework. Rewards can be set for "full attendance".

The more restless you are early in life, lazier you learn, the more likely you are to miss people and things that fascinate you and miss new landscapes.

If you don't want your child to regret it when they grow up, parents should take responsibility. When a child wants to quit something, tell him: "Son, hold on, I'll take you." ."