Like my daughter on professional path to violin

Like my daughter on professional path to violin

Like my daughter on professional path to violin

You are my smile when I'm happy

You tear me up when I'm sad

You are my friend who has been through many ups and downs

—You are my violin.

You are my umbrella on a sunny day,

You are my cape,

You are my savior when I'm in trouble

—You are my violin.

You are my ray of sunshine during day,

You are a ray of light in my dark night,

You are my lucky angel,

—You are my violin.


In summer, when my daughter was about to enter third grade of elementary school and took classes in oil pastel and gouache for two years, I enrolled her in a hobby group for playing violin. The lesson was every weekend, and two little boys who went to lesson with her did not come after a year. She wrote this little poem in her fourth grade notebook. I was so happy when I found this little poem without technique but with a real feeling, because I knew that seed of violin dream had already been planted in her young heart.

I have always loved music and felt its unique and irresistible magic. People see singer singing, but not song; they see artist playing music but not song. People can write down songs and melodies on paper, but this is just a set of symbols, a body, and soul flies into distance and somewhere else. The music starts suddenly, not knowing where it started; it suddenly passes and ends unpredictably; it is far and near, but it is always around our ears and around us; it is invisible, but we clearly feel that it has entered directly into soul. In depths of soul, too, involuntarily followed her up and down, up and down.

In various musical forms, I prefer instrumental music. I think level of abstraction often determines level of artistry in a piece. Singing is a musical art, but it is not pure, it is lyrics that reduce its quality. Instrumental musical performance is pure art, poetry, philosophy and religion in art. Among all musical instruments, violin deserves special admiration and admiration. Its shape seems symmetrical, but it is full of change and has a sort of independent crane temperament. The fairy color is as deep and unpredictable as Qiulin. When elusive thought-like sight meets and touches it, there will be uncontrollable joy and charm in depths of my heart. The euphemistic curve outlines a smooth contour that instantly evokes an inexplicable memory: that year, that person, and passing years seem to reappear in a haze. The sound emanating from ef in center of piano's surface is now thin, now thick, now bright, now deep, brighter than sun, quieter than winter nights; Every time we meet unexpectedly, Aile's soul can't help but get drunk and forget to come back.

Like my daughter on professional path to violin


I played bamboo flute as a child, played erhu with my classmates in college, and fell in love with violin after work. Many reasons prevented me from studying violin well, but my passion for it remained unchanged for decades. Later, I thought that if children learn about violin early, they can develop a heart that loves music, understands music, has a subtle perception of music. In a novel, you can see beauty at a glance, penetrate wonderful. apocalypse and enjoy spiritual freedom and happiness, which is a happy experience that is difficult for outsiders to understand. The teacher said that my daughter Z.Kh. there is an innate inclination to learn to play violin, and I immediately decided to enroll her in classes, hoping that charming violin would decorate her life happily and gracefully. I know very well that violin has a unique look and is a kind of fetish that makes people fall in love with it at first sight. But this is a noble little princess, beautiful and stubborn. Only those who are equally beautiful and stubborn, who hold her in palm of their hand, carry her on their shoulders every day, and occasionally hold her in their arms involuntarily, will slowly understand its meaning. The pulse of body and password of soul wins his love and favor. But I also believe that although technical complexity of violin is pinnacle of all musical instruments, there are still countless people who admire violin, and through unremitting efforts, they have found secret path to top. As long as I try and work hard, maybe my daughter can do it too.

Fortunately, in process of teaching my daughter to play piano, I met several highly respected teachers with excellent teaching abilities. These violin teachers are located in different cities, and each has its own characteristics, but they all have great tricks. They showed up on time at several key points in time, which is truly best location in God's will. My daughter starts piano lessons two or three years later than most children, but there are several good teachers who accompany her like a relay race. The boat of her dreams can be smoothly anchored and continue moving forward. She uses her intuition and imagination. Poetic scenes constructed with exaggeration and exaggeration are successively unfolded in real travels, auditoriums and examination rooms, and finally an unforgettable landscape of youthful life is achieved.

Like my daughter on professional path to violin

(Top: Tunxi night view)


In Tunxi, where city government is located, beautiful city of Huangshan has many piano rooms, and each room has a teacher who teaches violin. But outside room, I found a man who was always devoted to playing violin and worked hard as a ZBH teacher. In order for my daughter to take first step, Teacher Z set strict rules on first day of class: how to hold piano, how to hold bow, how to stand. Correct, but natural and aesthetically pleasing. nice. Mr. Z held demonstrations during explanation. He was specific and meticulous. He also continued to impart music theory knowledge and practice audiovisual skills. The class content was very rich, allowing children to learn what it is and why. In each lesson, Teacher Z will take dense notes, including both skills and foundations, as well as study notes. This is a good study material for weekly piano lessons. My daughter said she would cherish it forever. Educator Z is experienced in teaching children violin, and it was her extraordinary patience and merciless praise that set first strong sail for my daughter's journey in search of her dreams.

In spring, when my daughter was about to start her first semester of high school and decided to apply for a music degree two years later, teacher Z brought us to teacher W's home from East China Normal University in Shanghai: "She FZX and she learns to play piano better than normal kids. It’s late, but I feel good and I want to study, and time is short and only two years have passed, so I would like to invite you to teach her.” Teacher W said that she played violin as if she were talking. She really seems to have something to say in her heart, so that's good. She also said that left hand has a certain foundation, and next step will be to train right hand, so one class per week is already too late. During summer holidays, one class needs to be taken every two days so that course can be completed before college entrance exam . Knowing that ZX is also learning to draw, Mr. V often uses characteristics of calligraphy and painting in his lessons to explain violin skills in more vivid and detailed ways. Teacher B. taught my daughter left and right hand skills through various fingering and bowing exercises, saying that it is like a calligrapher and a painter. Through repeated training, he can freely use various brush and ink techniques, and finally create flesh and blood. things go with spirit. In training, emphasis should be placed on using more brains, discovering and understanding features of music, paying attention to developing ability to feel and distinguish music, and always know whether you are playing correctly or not, and whether you are playing. good or not. The child's uncle works in Shanghai, and daughter stayed at his house for summer holidays to undergo a very important holiday preparation. Teacher V is very demanding. My daughter used to take subway alone for two hours every other day, and almost every time she was subjected to harsh criticism. In last lesson before returning, teacher V. praised her in a few words, saying that this summer vacation was not in vain, problem of right hand was basically solved, and voice she emits now has a professional taste. After class, I brought her cookies. Faced with unexpected reward, daughter was so excited that tears came out of her eyes. She left teacher's house and went outside. She laughed and ate cookies, ignoring tears flowing into her mouth. The mood at that moment was indescribable . “You only need one sentence and you will send me to a dark hell; one more sentence and you will send me to blue skies and white clouds.” : Teacher W said you Potential also said that FZX is not afraid of pressure, more you put pressure on her, faster she will recover; if you don't push, she will feel indifferent.

I listened to Mr. V. The bow is calm and joyful, with great tension and expressive power. Seven or eight months later, she could not continue to take care of my daughter because she had a temporary project. After receiving mobile phone number she provided, I sent a text message to Associate Professor L. Music of Shanghai Normal University: “Hello Professor L. I am from Huangshan and my daughter is in her second year of high school. She has been learning to play violin for several years. She hopes to pass her college entrance exams with a degree in violin. in university music school. The teacher also said that she can follow path of music. Teacher W from East China Normal University recommended my daughter to study with you, let me contact you. and have a high reputation in industry. Information, firstly, so that you do not feel too intrusive, and secondly, to ask you to tell me when to call, and it will not bother you. If you do not specify, I will assume that you are ready to answer call at any time. Thank you!" The teacher received an affirmative answer.

Professor L. is gentle and elegant and is a typical scholar teacher. His office is small but neat and elegant, with a bookcase against wall full of Chinese and English books, and upstairs a few enlarged black-and-white landscape photographs, and a shiny black Steinway grand piano. in center of cabinet This is place of music in this space. By attending lessons here, you will feel that learning music is most elegant thing to do, and at same time, you will also think that only noble violins are worthy of such noble courtesy. Listening to a lecture by Professor L. is a kind of pleasure. He teaches fingering and bowing and can explain themscientific and rational in terms of anatomy and other aspects, which is clear and easy to understand. When explaining a piece of music, it is always necessary to clarify its origin and interspersed with some musical knowledge and anecdotes from history of Western music. Especially before formal lectures, he will give demonstration performances, and sometimes more than once. Not only does he know all pieces well and performs them skillfully, what is even more valuable is that he can instantly enter into special situation provided by pieces. Although this is a demonstration performance, he is meticulous and selfless every time, which is very melodic and bewitching. One can feel that Professor L. is very fond of music and very fond of teaching violin, which also deeply influenced our father and daughter. In particular, when her daughter is learning a new piece of music, Master L will sit in front of piano to accompany her, which gives her a sense of accomplishment and a strong sense of glory and satisfaction from learning to play piano. My daughter has been playing violin with Teacher L. for more than a year, she has mastered basics more fully, what is more important and valuable is that she really opened her inner vision, deepened her experience and understanding of playing violin, and since then she has there was an enthusiasm for conscious and active learning.

In past four months before provincial unified professional course exam, we sent our daughter to a music school in Wuhu to study vocal music and minor three. Since then, Associate Professor N. Anshi University has become her fourth violinist. teacher. Mr. N has a deep passion for music and is experienced in administering violin exams. It was under his strict guidance that his daughter won Sarasate and Burberry's "Wanderer's Song" in a short period of time. Lou He Minor's "Concerto in G Major," two famous violin pieces, have taken last step on road to unhindered participation in college entrance exams. The daughter said that Mr. N's performance of music is not mainly about how delicate techniques are, but more about touching people with sincere and strong emotions. She recorded an unforgettable experience with words: “Mr. N is only person who immediately played piano and brought her to tears. Like muttering, crying, like complaining, he violently drove a third-degree chord into his heart and spread up through small blood vessels. Emotions cannot be hidden. If you close your mouth, they will come out of your eyes. Countless famous quotes from famous writers flashed through my head, countless great rhetoric flashed through my head, but they got stuck in my throat and I could not pronounce them. After a long time, I sucked in my nose, blinked my eyes again and said a few words. intermittent words: Teacher, you are so good! I can not do it. Master laughed and said that my journey had just begun and I still had a long way to go. I always have tosustain your current enthusiasm for music. He also said that I didn't want to be a different person after passing college entrance exams. A lot of his students are like that, I hope I'm not like that." Like previous teachers, Teacher N had high hopes for children.

Like my daughter on professional path to violin


Accompanying my daughter and encouraging her to play piano, I once said to her, “Most people have a certain talent in one or more aspects, with strong understanding and practical ability, but they have no feeling in other aspects, so I just average performance. What we must do is to properly use talents we have, let nature take its course and live in its splendor. God will not give all blessings to one person, if God chooses, we must not let him down.

My daughter understands wishes of her parents and teacher, and she really likes sound of violin, so she listens carefully in class and carefully observes when teacher demonstrates. Chunchun comes year after year without interruption. There is more and more classroom content every time, difficulty is getting higher and higher, especially in high school, cultural class tasks are getting harder, and time for piano lessons is highly compressed. My daughter leaves early and comes back late every day, and I get home from self-study next evening after 9:30, and it's been more than 11 hours since I finished my homework. At this time, she was still collecting all textbooks for tomorrow, fastening her briefcase, opening a black piano case, taking out an orange violin and putting it on her shoulder, and at same time putting a slender violin holding a bow in my hand, I waved it into air. At that moment, I seemed to feel that her thin hands became a special runway. Groups of syllables in different keys, etudes with different accents flew out of here, Rising into endless night sky, cutting through darkness and silence one after another. In order not to disturb neighbors around, she installed a mute on piano bridge. First of all, beautiful and soft voice at that moment became a little dry and hoarse, as if several strands of complex and suppressed emotions were mixed with hard and persistent feelings.

Whenever this happens, I feel overwhelmed and helpless. I often poured hot water for her and handed her drinks to cheer and cheer her up, but at same time, there was always some unease and anxiety in my heart. My daughter is a little playful and always hopes that she will have more time to satisfy free nature of teenagers. I remember long holidays when that instinct finally burst out uncontrollably. I was hoping she would take advantage of school holidays to make up for lack of time for piano lessons, but she said she would take opportunity to relax. I could not contain my rage when I was persuaded several times, but I did not answer, I said that I really did not want to study, so I simply stopped studying. She bounced back like a ball hitting wall hard and shouted back at me that if you don't study, you don't study. She quickly carried piano and music stand to living room floor, and when she turned into room, heand opened door, she slammed shut. After two days of a hopeless situation, I became worried and hesitantly asked her: do you really want to give up? Is it worth it to suffer over trifles for several years? So you don't like violin? She ignored me, but her expression visibly softened. Her mother took piano and music stand back to her room as soon as she saw opportunity. At that moment, I seemed to feel that gray sky outside window suddenly became clear again.

To learn art, in addition to talent, you also need to make different efforts and diligence. This is especially true for music.


My daughter was only 15 years old when she first went to Shanghai for classes, and she was mostly accompanied by me and sometimes by her mother. She later offered to walk alone, saying that her family's conditions weren't very good, and she could save three or four hundred yuan for one less delivery. Most of us take train from Huangshan to Shanghai on Friday evening and then return by evening train after class on Saturday morning. On National Exam Day, my daughter went back to school after leaving home for holidays. She first took train from Huangshan to Shanghai, then subway from Shanghai Station to South Station, then walked for 20 minutes to visit Professor L. then in afternoon boarded a carriage from South Station. Go to high-speed rail station and take bus back to Wuhu. Unfortunately, high-speed train was late that day, and when I left station, it was already dark. We wanted her to go to school by taxi as soon as possible, but we still had some inexplicable doubts: when we held a mobile phone in our hands and did not dare to decide, she herself found route hundreds of times. After that, I got on bus first and waited until I got off at nearest bus stop to school before changing taxis. She said that if she saved 30 yuan, she could buy a better pair of headphones. We were speechless upon hearing this, but relieved we arrived safely. The management of training school is very strict and no meals are provided after a certain point. The school is located in a remote development zone, there are no restaurants or supermarkets around, and you can’t buy food, so that night my daughter went to class hungry, and then went to bed hungry.

Indeed, on this extraordinary journey, scene when I set out on journey was forever imprinted in my heart. Around 8:00 that night, my mother and I sent her to Huangshan Station and took a bus to Shanghai. Looking at dim light of platform, she carried a backpack with starry sky of famous Van Gogh painting on She bought a new violin, pushing a large suitcase in one hand , which fits both a blanket and a washbasin, and hurried to car door. help, but speak He said: It is not easy to learn something!

At this point, I can't help but think of another scene I've seen before. It was also on train from Huangshan to Shanghai. Early morningm, when I rolled over from top bunk, which was too low to sit straight and could only slowly crawl sideways, and was about to get up, I suddenly saw that I was sleeping in next room at night. The daughter on top bunk was sitting alone in front of window in dim morning light, watching diverse landscapes that flocked and disappeared in an instant, her body was motionless, but her face had a thoughtful expression that contained a hazy vision of future, but more of an unforgettable pressure. My heart is like most sensitive E string on a violin: bow struck it, and heightened accent struck deep in that early winter morning light. I turned and lay back on bed, staring at top board that was almost touching my nose, and let my thoughts tumble along with wheels. Over past few years, I have gotten mad at her and hit her many times, but she also gleefully told me that various trophies, awards, and certificates of honor piled on her desk and bookshelf were made by violin for her. . One day she was returning from class by car, and it was already dark in Tunxi, I followed her in a small battery car for about three kilometers, right after we drove not far, there was a strong wind and pouring rain. She hugged Qin tightly and covered him tightly with her umbrella, shivering from dampness and cold but ignoring it. When she returned home, she told me and her mother that she felt sorry for herself if she could not play violin after so much suffering.

The bow and string are initially silent, but when they rub against each other, they make beautiful music. However, interaction and communication between bow and string is sometimes harmonious, and sometimes disharmonious, sometimes light and soft, like a spring breeze swaying willows, and sometimes violently resisting, like thunder and lightning. It was in this ongoing clash of ever-changing forces that my daughter gradually learned to play violin, gradually gained confidence, her heart began to grow wings, and she wanted to fly high and far.

Like my daughter on professional path to violin


Under constant irrigation with sweat and tears, dream flower gradually blossomed. My daughter ranked 88th in provincial music major exam and was finally accepted into a prestigious university with a score 30 points above acceptance threshold. The door to Western Orchestra of Conservatory is open, and I can't help but imagine that by entering this door, my daughter will receive a more complete education, more professional training, and level of playing violin will increase. improve quickly. As world-famous songs flow from her fingers one after another, her life gradually becomes a beautiful and touching song.

When I decided to take path of art, two famous artists saw my daughter's gouache paintings and said that she could get into a good university if she studied art, but she chose music and violin. Upon receiving university acceptance letter, my daughter was happy, but at same time showed some sense of loss. She said that she could do better in exam if she practiced piano every day for a few minutes more... if she memorized a few more pages and answered more questions... if she played a little less.. pity that current 10,000 This assumption is not worth actual action at beginning.

In beginning, Mr. Z took students to participate in violin competitions and competitions sponsored by provincial cultural department every year, which not only stimulated interest, but also saw world. When my daughter was in her first year of high school, she wrote a short documentary essay, which was published, along with two others, in a literary magazine compiled and published by Municipal Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles. I am quoting here last paragraph of this short article as end of this article—

This summer vacation, teacher said to me again, “At end of July, there will be a competition in province, same as last year, except that you will be transferred from children's group to children's group. which is harder."

"I'm participating. This year I'll be alone."

The teacher smiled and said nothing.

There are only two weeks to learn a new difficult song. I train desperately every day for at least two hours, feel like a machine and feel so tired that I don't feel like myself at all.

The night before I left for Hefei, I couldn't hold back my tears. Last year ensemble took first place, and this year what will be result of solo? I feel so tense.

"Mr. Z, I don't want to participate."

The teacher didn't answer my question, he just said, "Practice chords on first line of page four a few more times."

A few minutes before game, I entered arena. My head was empty, I just repeated three words in my heart - I want to win, I want to win, I want to win!

"No. 44." After signal sounded, arena became quiet, how deepwhat night, except for sound of my heels on ground. Boldly looking at judges, he took a deep breath. I put piano on my shoulders...

Without fear, without mistakes, I played whole piece smoothly, every beautiful note, like a bird flying out of piano box by itself.

Why is song so short, let me stay here a little longer, lighting, stage, flash, judges' expressions, I'm enjoying everything in front of me.

After lunch, teacher's assistant entered room with a cardboard box full of cups and certificates.

"Wow, I won second prize!"

We jumped up in teachers' lounge, golden trophies and red certificates reflecting everyone's smiling faces, and flashing lights captured this carnival moment.

Violin, may our story never end!