Explore violin playing pose

Explore violin playing pose

Explore violin playing pose

Position when playing violin is a little tricky. Most people agree that violin posture needs to be learned well from start. If you watch students playing violin, posture of those who play violin well is not so bad, but those who play violin have very bad posture, so it is easy to conclude this.

But this observation is only partly true. In fact, good posture is result of playing violin, not cause. Good job."

The reason you can play violin well is not because of posture, but because of state of violin playing. In essence, correct state is that body should be relaxed and ears should be open. If only in this state, violin will play well, naturally improves with practice.

Therefore, it is better to play violin easily, but with wrong posture, than with correct posture, but hard playing. Or sounds are drawn out inaccurately and unsteadily, but overall feeling is very relaxed and natural, which is better than playing each sound accurately and accurately, but playing like a robot.

The learning situation should be similar to how a child learns to walk. If it is stipulated from very beginning that he must walk steadily, how to raise his hands and how to get out, then child should not learn to walk. Of course, playing violin is more difficult than learning how to walk and talk, but I just want to emphasize that too much attention to posture can also cause learning difficulties. Simply put, if violin playing condition is correct, then posture may not be correct at first, but with skill development, posture will gradually lead to correct place. Just like a child learns to walk, although at first he is not very stable, with time he can learn to walk.

So if bow does not straighten or moves back and forth, it may be a transitional situation. The posture is adjusted to correct position slowly, not immediately well trained, because posture will be different with improvement of degree. It is cognitively impossible to straighten a bow by constantly practicing bow straightening. Even if bow is straightened, it is only superficially straight, but tone can be unpleasant because there is no real understanding of meaning of straightening bow. Basically, to draw a bow well, you need to practice many different bowing techniques, such as bowing with changing strings or partial bowing, holding bow at tip or at base of bow until bow becomes flexible. It is not difficult. spread bow.

So, for learning, don't be too afraid if you don't learn correct posture at beginning, which will instead cause a huge psychological burden. And it is impossible for a person to learn to play piano without making mistakes from beginning to end, just as it is impossible for a person to never make a mistake in his life. The fact is that ability to correct mistakes is an important ability, just like ability to get up again after a fall. . The same. Since we were young, we have changed several teachers, andevery teacher requires different postures for holding bow and pressing strings for different reasons. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to look at a pose with an absolute measure, real truth should have a flexible space, and not dead knowledge.

Generally speaking, teacher's teaching method doesn't seem like much of an issue. If children are slowly making progress after long-term follow-up, then there should be no problem. It's getting harder, but child's Rafa still hasn't improved, and he feels that learning is becoming more and more difficult, so teacher's teaching method may be problematic.

Other other issues, such as reason why piano will always move forward, may be due to students finding piano too heavy, so it's easier to move forward, so maybe have student tilt piano. against music rest, and he can keep piano in a state where it does not move forward, although leaning against music rest is not standard, it is better than moving piano forward. If he puts violin in front and plays it easily and naturally, then he will not have to worry much. Having learned to change position, this situation will be very easy to fix, because when hand needs to be moved to a high position, violin will be moved to side, it is much easier, so if a violin correction situation needs to be pushed aside and pulled up gets worse, it's best not to force a correction.