Xiaoqin boy got stage fright when he performed on stage and even stopped acting, how to solve it?

Many little boys who play piano feel pretty good when they practice off stage, but when they take tests or perform on stage, their playing is not as good as usual, and sometimes they even stop playing. Nervousness will have various manifestations: for example, rapid heart rate, stiffness throughout body, difficulty breathing, sweaty hands, hamstrings, rushing to start game, and uncertainty during game.


There is such a case: at a concert, after child who participated in performance entered stage, due to nervousness and stage fright, he sat on piano bench for a whole minute and did not dare to play a single note.

During that long minute, audience applauded child enthusiastically, hoping that he would overcome his nervousness and complete performance, but he sat without playing a single note. At this time, piano teacher came on stage to calm child's emotions and wanted to accompany him to complete performance with him, but child still could not perform.

Finally! The child still did not play, and three minutes later teacher knocked child down...


Many children play piano at home

Train with enthusiasm and complete confidence

I cringe when it's time to play in front of a crowd

Don't even dare to step on stage

What is reason?

The reason children don't dare to play on stage

☆ I'm not confident enough, I feel like I can't play well

☆ I'm afraid that bomb will affect result

☆ Lack of stage experience

☆ Feel shy in front of an audience

If you're in a similar situation

Students, teachers, parents

What should I do?

01 as a student

One minute on stage, ten years off stage. If you want to be calm about performances, you must first of all study hard and practice hard at usual time. When you practice, you must be careful, patient and persevering, and read score as you go, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. The more experienced you are, calmer and more peaceful you will be when playing, and you will really practice without dead ends and feel confident in your soul.

Besides, you should also pay attention to right mentality, not being too competitive and taking result too seriously. Whether you are facing competition or performing, most important thing is that your performance level is improved. in process, and you have accumulated experience and knowledge. You can enjoy music more and share this beauty with others.

02 as a teacher

Choose music for students that they can control and play consistently. The teacher should customize clothes for students. If repertoire is too small and technique is simple, they will not be able to perform at their true level; even more impossible to complete during game.

In addition, emotional investment is also necessary for performance. From very beginning of learning a piece of music, you need to try to understand background and emotional part of piece.

03 as parent

Parents should refrain from imposing their own utilitarianism on their children, nurture their independence and self-confidence, encourage them to play sports on stage and participate in performances on various occasions in order to overcome their problems associated with stage, unfamiliarity. piano and live music Tension caused by changing objective factors such as ambient lighting.

I hope every child can

Well stepped on stage to play

And get happiness and growth from it