There is such a big difference between learning music and not learning music in old age.

Why learning music is a smart investment

Are rewards priceless?

Just look at life in old age...

Video shows beauty of old age for music learners


Studying music makes life brighter in old age

How do people who study music meet when they get old and those who don't study music

They can join choir and enjoy harmonious beauty of singing;

Or create a small group and experience fun of playing together.

To replace game of mahjong, although playing mahjong is also one of "social activities" for elderly, it is easy to induce sedentary lifestyle and emotional fluctuations caused by tension or excitement, which are much less active and beneficial than playing music. !


Learn music and exercise your body

When playing piano, you need to use your hands, feet, eyes, ears and heart. Let's talk about movement of hands. When playing piano, fingers must first press keys. Each key is a movement of fingers, and cooperation of both hands is required to play chorus and accompaniment of left and right hands.

Long-term and systematic practice of piano playing will keep heart, limbs, brain and other organs in a very reasonable and healthy balance, and endocrine levels, blood sugar and blood pressure are also better than people who don't play piano.


Learning music can improve memory

Memory decline occurs as brain cells stop functioning with age.

The influence of music on brain accompanies a person's whole life. Music learners who learn notes from an early age can have a positive stimulating effect on brain, develop their reserve capabilities, while normal memory decline will occur much more slowly than their peers. I recite scores and recite words all year round, and there are only a dozen pages at each step ... No wonder I have a bad memory!


A person who studies music will be more temperamental in old age

It can be said that studying music brings many benefits. Cultivating feelings and wandering in ocean of art can make body and mind happy, and mind will become more open and cheerful.

Accompanied by music and friends with musical instruments for years to come, she is sure to make a person relaxed, happy, peaceful and comfortable for years to come, so her spiritual outlook and temperament of whole person will be different, with a peaceful aura and charm.

Take a look at Mr. Zhou Guangren, famous piano teacher, Mr. Zhou Xiaoyan, famous vocal teacher, and Mr. Zheng Xiaoying, chief conductor, and you will know everything!


Prevent vocal cord aging, live longer

It's not just nonsense - to have a girl's voice, you won't believe it! 90 year old soprano Lina Vasta resists erosion of time with her beautiful singing voice! Where is voice of an octogenarian? This is a girl in blooming season!

At same time, singing can make heart work harder than normal people; Playing musical instruments can increase lung capacity and speed up metabolism;Playing favorite music, brain hormones released by brain can promote and stimulate immune cells Increased protein and anti-stress hormones increase body's immune function, which in turn , makes brain, body and mind feel relaxed and happy.

Start learning music

This means that every day you are torn with your colleagues.

Let everyone love life and music!