Description of image about improving

Description of image about improving "feeling of bow" in beginners.

Description of image about improving "feeling of bow" in beginners.

In fact, this idea came to me very early. Many beginners, whether they are children or adults, make almost same mistake at first. This is so-called "killing chickens and ducks." What about this? Nothing but two points:

2. Misunderstanding of bow movement image

The subject of discussion in this post is mainly directed to second question. When I tune a violin for first time in my life, including myself, what comes to mind is basically fuzzy bow movement of performer, and tries to mimic that. Unfortunately, most beginners can easily imitate such movements as sawing wood with a saw, and erasing homework with an eraser. A lot of effort, but still not much progress in this feeling...

Let's break it down in detail: Anyone who studied physics in junior high school knows that for a fixed coefficient of friction, more pressure, more friction. Saw, sawing wood, eraser, same principle is that through a certain intensity of pressure, to make applied force of object get a strong friction force on contact surface, wood and pencil marks are scraped off, such as eraser, pencil marks Paper movement is not synchronized with paper movement The paper is as stable as Mount Tai under force of eraser back and forth, but pencil marks on surface are forced to move back and forth under strong friction created by high pressure of eraser, tearing it off paper. Note that when rubbing eraser, your main force is to press eraser against paper for stability and fixation, and then add some additional force on that basis to make it rub back and forth with a lot of friction.

Let's analyze bow again, using empty bowstring as subject of discussion. The pronunciation of all stringed instruments has a similar principle, that is, overall vibration of string is mainly driven by bow, and segmental vibration is supplemented. By pressure, secondary force is used to move bow back and forth, and string cannot vibrate well as a whole (as people can comfortable and free to vibrate when pressure is so dead?), so vibration of string will meet something similar to previous one. could move, so sound of killing chickens came uninvited. This is crying and moaning of Qin! What's more comical is that some people clearly feel like their voice is like "sawing wood", but they don't realize it. I play violin just sawing wood and everything seems to be taken for granted.

From a physical point of view, string at this time can vibrate mainly in sections. Do you understand section? That is, if whole body cannot vibrate completely, string must be divided into parts. several short segments vibrate separately. Yes, we all know that shorter string, higher tone. However, when killing chickens, even if it is an empty string,a bark string is divided into several segments that vibrate at same time or not at same time, and pitch and volume are not coordinated., coupled with difference in timbre between point of contact and point of non-touch of bowstring, there will be many dissonant sounds. strength is not constant, string will fluctuate between sufficient and insufficient as a whole, and high, low and mid frequencies will be irregular. Mixed together, noise will naturally appear. (Actually, so-called "wolf sound" on top fret of G string and "whistling sound" of empty E string are also somewhat related to this)

So, which kink feeling is closest to right kink feeling? I suggest getting ruler ready and bending ruler with a little force on wall (be careful not to break it completely, slight curvature yes) and then let ruler slide up and down wall, which is closer to a bow feeling.

You may find that with this "ruler drawing" movement, direction of force is by no means perpendicular to wall, but maintains a nice angle. The point of contact is a small part of ruler, not a simple ruler. head, if you add a little more force to increase arc of ruler, you will obviously feel an increase in tension, which is similar to feeling of bowing with increased strength. This change in arc change of ruler through change in strength can also help you find bow Intensity change experience. At same time, when you swipe down, part of ruler that you are holding is at bottom, when you swipe up - just opposite, which is exactly like movement of wrist when bowing! boasted like a melon: what a scientific exercise with a bow Ah!

It must be acknowledged that this can only reflect simplest method of bowing, as complex bowing methods such as dong bow, liantun bow, and jump bow are no longer discussed.

This kind of hands-on learning may not have been promoted in industry yet, but I can tell you that inspiration that burst out while I was playing with ruler instantly stopped my chicken-killing sound and it was replaced with a relative Full and Clear pronunciation of course, don't expect to get a kung fu master relying on this trick, it's just for you to find feeling, if you have a relatively correct and reasonable feeling, then go to practice, effect will not need me to repeat it ~ Qinyou We can try to try, whether you are a small child (parent) playing piano or an adult learner of piano.