Learning to play piano is very hard, and exam is very tiring. When you want to give up, you must read this cartoon

My child, you can practice piano every day

Even if you come home after a full day of classes

Still practicing instrument for one to two hours

Even weekends are busy with hobby activities

I know you are very tired and hardened,

There are no parents who don't love their children,

But why are they still asking you to exercise every day?

Learning is hard,

If you can't hold back anymore, just read this cartoon!

People behind are slowly catching up

They used cross they carried

Take it to ditch and make a bridge

Cross abyss with ease.

The same applies to teaching art. It's tedious because kids save time by playing mobile games.

However, good learning to play a musical instrument is a bridge to a child's future. When you want to give up, when parents want to give up, please don't destroy bridge of child.

Children, you can reach new heights in future by crossing this chasm.

When you give up, you will find that when everyone else is moving towards goal, you can only stop in the same place, dejected and regretful...